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Jenni & Jordans Rustic Boho Wedding Day

August 24, 2020

When Jenni and Jordan said hello for the first time, it wasn’t how most marriages start, but that is what makes their story so special. After meeting online, the connection was strong, and they decided to meet in person for the first time at a local sushi restaurant in College[…]

Joe & Katherines Tight Knit Wedding Experience

June 22, 2020

It was May of 2017, and just like any other day, Joe Hall and Katherine Chiavone were working out at BodyLab Athletics in Bryan, Tx. What they didn’t know that day, is that they we’re going to find a “Fit” for life when they met. Creating new beginnings where they[…]

Hope & Connors Short and Sweet Story

June 5, 2020

The Story This Real Wedding Story, although short, is still very sweet. Connor and Hope are college sweethearts, connected because they both have a passion for humanity and serving other people. He is a firefighter, and she is a nurse. When Connor wanted to seal the deal, he did it[…]

2020 Winners – Dennis + Maria

May 16, 2020

Dennis + Maria Real Wedding Story Dream Wedding Giveaway Winner WEDDING DAY August 15, 2020 How Dennis and Maria met…   I had heard of a Dennis Hoffman for years. In fact, back in 2013 my first Cousin Angie called me at work out of the blue, to say she[…]

2019 Winners – Jessica + Cody

May 14, 2020

Jessica + Cody Real Wedding Story Dream Wedding Giveaway Winner WEDDING DAY August 10, 2019 Our 11 Year Story Born and raised in the south, our love story starts the way so many do when Cody and I met in High school.  In my heart what started as an innocent[…]

Miranda & Seamus’s Fairy Tale Love Story

April 10, 2020

How They Met Seamus and Miranda’s love story began like a Hallmark Holiday special. They met over Christmas break during their first semester at Texas A&M, and as freshman, you befriend anyone with mutual friends which was exactly the case here. Over the break Seamus messaged Miranda “Howdy”, and that’s[…]

Nick & Ashley’s Pastel Nature Themed Wedding

February 27, 2020

How They Met Nick and Ashley’s Real Wedding Story started where many love stories do; with music. Ashley and all of her friends were at a concert having a great time, when a disrespectful guy started to bother them. Out of nowhere, like any gentleman would, Nick jumped in to[…]

Shelbie & Chance’s Rustic Fall Wedding at The Inn At Quarry Ridge

February 18, 2020

How They Met It was another Friday evening on Northgate in College Station, little did Shelbie know that her life would be changed that night for the better. Having just moved there a month prior, she was just excited about what life had to offer. Shelbie didn’t really want to[…]

Evan & Jenee’s Rustic, Love Filled Wedding Weekend

January 21, 2020

Evan & Jenee’s Rustic, Love Filled Wedding Weekend How They Met It all started when Jenee was on the University of Hartford dance team, performing at all the men’s home basketball games. Little did she know that one of those tall, dark, and handsome college athletes (that her freshman-self so[…]

Mark & Shannon’s Bright Aggie Themed Wedding at The Inn at Quarry Ridge in Bryan, Tx

December 4, 2019

Mark & Shannon’s Bright Aggie Themed Wedding at The Inn at Quarry Ridge in Bryan, Tx Mark & Shannon’s big day was set on a cool bright September day at The Inn at Quarry Ridge. How They Met While working for the Republic Brewing Company back in November of 2016,[…]