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The Day Jordan & Jackie Waited For

July 29, 2022
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How They Met

Jordon and Jackie had been in the same Antioch church lifegroup for about a year, but had never met until the day when both went to eat lunch with the small group. Jordon and his friend Carter sat at a small table in the Texas A&M Memorial Student Center. Jackie found them and conversation commenced as the guys got to know Jackie and vice versa. That day was the beginning of a bi-weekly small group lunch that would grow to include people they’d meet the following Friday, September 6th. Those people became some of their closest friends, many of whom were in their wedding party.

Jordon and Jackie were just friends for a while. Eventually, though, both began to think of the other as potentially more than that. In November, they began to text each other almost 24/7 and even began flirting a bit. Both had talked to their best friends about their feelings, but the guys and gals never spoke of it to the other group, until Saturday, December 14th, 2019. 

Jordon and Jackie were talking up a storm at her grad party while Kaylee and Zach (close friends) talked about them. Zach asked Kaylee about Jordon and Jackie as a couple and, just like Kaylee and Jackie had previously discussed, Kaylee answered, “If Jordon asked Jackie on a date, she’d say yes.” Boom! Zach dragged Jordon into the bathroom and Kaylee scooted towards Jackie as they both updated their friends on what had been said. 

After the beans had been spilled, more flirting commenced everywhere they went. One day, after a movie outing with Jordan and friends, Jackie spoke up. “It’s no secret that I like you,” she shyly said after being tired of not doing anything about her feelings. “It’s no secret that I like you either,” Jordon sweetly replied. He then told her that he had promised God he wouldn’t date until the next year.

After the first small group lunch of 2020, Jordon asked Jackie on a date. Four dates later, Jordon asked her to be his girlfriend. Fast forward through so many fun times, Jordon popped the big question on December 11th, 2021.

The Proposal

The proposal took place at Research Park in College Station. Jackie thought she was going to do a photoshoot with her best friend, Kaylee, but Jordon was hidden in the trees there and surprised her with flowers and the engagement ring!

The Ceremony

Jackie described the ceremony as beautiful and sweet. All the people that Jackie and Jordan love were there to witness and Jordon’s youth pastor was able to officiate, which added a special touch. They especially enjoyed the part their 27-year-old guy friend played as their “ring security”. Jackie stated “he played the part perfectly”.

The Reception

“It wasn’t long enough! Time seemed to disappear that night. There was fun dancing, Chick-Fil-A, the Aggie War Hymn (WHOOP!), beautiful sunset photos, lots of games, etc. The decor was stunning, too! It was so fun to celebrate with our friends!”

Why The Inn

“1. The venue makes it a priority to allow the bride, wedding party, and her family to relax during wedding weekend instead of running around having to do everything themselves.

2. The outdoor ceremony site is BEAUTIFUL.

3. The ability to have up to 23 of our closest friends/wedding party spend the weekend at the venue with us was the perfect perk.”

Advice From the Bride

“1. Start early. We had a 6-month engagement and were planning down to the last day.

2. Get a great day-of coordinator like Amanda Castorena-Ramirez! She helped so much and I appreciated it more than I can ever articulate.

3. Use Facebook bride groups to get any decor and things you need for cheap!”

Favorite Moment

Jackie: “The first dance!! We took private lessons for about 5 months and got it professionally choreographed. We nailed it, it was super fun, and the crowd went wild!”

Jordon: “Kissing my bride.”


Coordinator // Amanda Castorena-Ramirez from Uniquely Set

Photographer // Kirsten Smith

Florist // Designs by Janel in Tomball, TX

Invitations // Jordon’s brother, Marc Coates

Groom/Groomsmen Attire // Azazie

Bridesmaids Dresses // Azazie

Jewelry // Robbins Brothers

Caterer // Chick-Fil-A

Rentals // Party Time Rentals

DJ // Quincy at DJ Connection Houston

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