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Jessica + Cody | American Heroes, Dream Wedding Giveaway Winner | Love Story

May 29, 2019
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Jessica + Cody

Real Wedding Story

Dream Wedding Giveaway Winner

Wedding Day • August 10, 2019

Our 11 Year Story

Born and raised in the south, our love story starts the way so many do when Cody and I met in High school.  In my heart what started as an innocent girl crush on an upperclassman, led to a light-hearted friendship that was more than it seemed. Cody was tall and handsome,  and he would often with a twinkle in his eye, flirtingly tease me about my more petite stature. On the last day of school, boldly I walked up to him, asked him to take a picture (this was well before selfies) and handed him my phone number. My boldness and won his heart and that summer was a true summer romance, which sadly ended before the first day of the next school year.  We both realized as he was starting his senior year that I was simply too young for him. But the spark that had been ignited was not going anywhere.

Later that year he decided after graduation he would serve in the US Military. He soon left for boot camp.  Cody faithfully wrote me letters and after boot camp we stayed connected through email and yes, Myspace! After boot camp, and a little more time, in 2006 he was deployed to Iraq and I was and going to Texas A&M University.  Again this spark between us just made us feel more love for each other even with great distance. Soon we began to make a plan for his return. My heart was flooded with emotions and I told myself that if it was meant to be, he would return from Iraq and we would give it a shot.  He returned to Washington in 2007, that Christmas, I visited him and we had the most romantic time. Of course, I had to return back to College Station for school, but we didn’t want it to end. We spend New Years 2008 at Hurricane Harry’s. By now that little spark from high school was full on love. As an exclamation point to our whirlwind romance on, March 23, 2008, to much surprise we decided to elope.  Shocking many family members and friends, I shared the news and moved to Washington to be with him. Our hearts knew we were meant to be, so why delay.

We’ve been married a while, we’ve grown in our love. We’ve walked through buying our 1st home, an Iraq tour, Australian vacation, Afghanistan tour #1, my father’s death, Afghanistan tour #2, His Father donating a kidney to his mother, my graduation from A&M, my mother’s death, His return home with no job, the birth of our oldest child, Foreclosure on our home, Move to Houston, Afghanistan tour #3, My 1st teaching job, his return home, and the birth of our second child.  Each event has drawn us closer together. I would love to say that our marriage has been perfect, but it has been full of bliss and strength that have brought us through heartache and beauty, leaving us stronger together than we would ever be apart.

Now, we live in Spring, TX and have two beautiful boys, David,5, and Christopher, 3.  I am in my 5th year of teaching. Cody is in the process of joining Houston Police Department and the best is still yet to come.

We are so gratefully excited to finally be able to host our Wedding Day at Inn at Quarry Ridge with the following
Amazing Vendors:

• Ashley & Co.    • Buppy’s Catering
• Downtown Event Services  • Fabulous Fare
• Postoak Florist    • Inn At Quarry Ridge

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