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Alexis + Tim Love Story – Field Engagements | College Station, Texas

April 10, 2019
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How They Met

Alexis had her 21st birthday coming up at the end of January 2014. One of her long-time friends had a birthday two days earlier than hers and asked if she wanted to celebrate theirs together with a group of friends in Austin. Alexis was a bit hesitant thinking, “I’m newly 21, never been to Austin alone….” but decided, “Oh what the heck, I’m finally 21!” and agreed to go last minute.

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Her friend’s girlfriend, who is Tim’s niece, invited Tim and his friends to go as well. Tim wasn’t really sure if he wanted to go at first either, but he finally decided to go the DAY OF…with no hotel room reservation or anything planned.

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What started as two friends celebrating their birthdays, ended up being one very large group celebrating multiple birthdays! The group ended up breaking off into smaller groups, and Tim and Alexis somehow wound up in the same smaller group, but it wasn’t until the cab ride home that they really starting talking and making conversation with each other. During that conversation, they found out that they lived in the same apartment complex back in Bryan…and it was LOVE ever since then.

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The Proposal

We asked Alexis about their proposal and she said, “The first word that comes to mind when trying to describe it is… perfect. Just the two of us.”
In the previous year, a friend encouraged Alexis to pick out a ring she would one day want Tim to give her, and she then realized she had no clue what she would want! Having never looked up rings before, she didn’t even know where to start. She didn’t want to put pressure on him, but she thought it might be a good idea to just find something she liked for the future *wink wink*. After finding a beautiful ring that she was in love with, she sent a picture to Tim. At that time, they also began the process of building a house together. Their beautiful new home was finally complete in May of 2017. It was just like any other Friday night; they were hanging out at their new house with some family. After they all went home, Alexis was laying down scrolling through her phone and noticed Zales was having a sale. She just thought she would browse the sale a bit, and Tim asked what she was looking at…she replied, “nothing, just a sale” and he casually says, “Well, I have your ring already.” Tim is an avid trickster, so Alexis said, “No you don’t.”

Alexis absolutely didn’t believe he really had the ring, Tim is not really big into surprises, plus she’s nosey…she started thinking, “When would he have gotten it?! Where has it been?! How would I have not known?! Impossible!”. He gets up and starts walking towards our closet and says, “I’m serious, come here.”

At this point, her heart was pounding, and she only half-way believed he really did have it, because she was still thinking WHEN, WHERE, HOW?! Tim tells her to look in one of the cloth bags his shoes came in. Alexis thinks, “Okay, he would not waste his time getting up and having me open the shoe box just for nothing.” Her heart is beating even FASTER, and her hands are shaking as she sticks her hand in the shoe bag, when she feels the small box. *CUE INSTANT BAWLING.* So many tears just poured out as she was filled with pure happiness. All she could do was squeeze Tim and cry, when she hears him say, “Do you want to marry me?”.

The best moment in her entire life.

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Her best friend, the love of her life, asked her to spend his entire life with him. Alexis cried for 3 days straight when she was explaining story to friends and family! This was the moment she had dreamed of since she was a little girl, and it was so much more than she imagined. As a little girl, you imagine an airplane, fireworks, a million people. But when that moment finally happens, you realize it isn’t even about any of that.
It’s about you and him, and that beautiful moment you will remember forever.

Engagement Outfit Ideas Red Blue San Angel Photography College Station texas

Engagement Outfit Ideas Red Blue San Angel Photography College Station texas Engagement Outfit Ideas Red Blue San Angel Photography College Station texas Engagement Outfit Ideas Red Blue San Angel Photography College Station texas

Photography by College Station Photographers – San Angel Photography

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