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2020 Winners – Dennis + Maria

May 16, 2020
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Dennis + Maria

Real Wedding Story

Dream Wedding Giveaway Winner

August 15, 2020

How Dennis and Maria met…


I had heard of a Dennis Hoffman for years. In fact, back in 2013 my first Cousin Angie called me at work out of the blue, to say she had a very nice very respectable male friend whom she wanted me to meet. I laughed at the idea because I was not looking to date.


August 2018, on a First Friday in downtown Bryan I was walking with a friend of mine from Papa Perez to The Village when a group of our mutual friends approached us. The second I looked at Dennis I could not keep my eyes off him. We both locked eye contact and lost everyone around us. I remember us smiling and barely talking, in an instant, I felt the butterflies in my stomach. What brought us back to reality was someone talking to him.  We walked separate ways not getting his contact information.


November 2018, one afternoon I came home to a door knocker with HHH Roofing. I called the number to setup an appointment for my father to get an estimate for his roof. Not thinking anything of the owners name I scheduled the appointment. Days later I re-read the business name and realized it was THE DENNIS HOFFMAN! I called my cousin Angie, and she and I were thrilled. I would get to meet Dennis. I remember her saying “Sister, this is a sign from God”. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant at that time because I still had not met Dennis face to face.


December 2018. The one day in December it snowed, I came home from work rushed to change clothes for a Hispanic Forum Christmas dinner. I remember pulling up into the house and there was Dennis with his wonderful smile. He comes over to my car to open the door, proceeds to kiss both my cheeks (his Ecuadorian custom) and once again our eyes lock. He asked how my day went but then hurried me inside because it was snowing. I remember thinking “hmm, no he didn’t just boss me around?!” I left for my dinner.

Since that afternoon we began to text. I don’t think either one of us got much sleep for weeks. Thank goodness I was on Christmas break. He eventually told me he was dating someone, and they were to go on a trip. What could I say except, I understand and will respect the relationship. We kept communicating and before long he called to say he did the right thing of ending the relationship as that was not in his heart. One Monday evening he called to ask how my gym workout went and if I had made it home. I replied “yes’.  He then asked if my father was home. Dennis made his way to my father’s house (I was living with my parents prior to my mom’s passing). My father seemed nervous and kept asking “what does Mr. Hoffman want with me”. Well, Mr. Hoffman is old fashioned and so respectful he wanted to ask my father for his permission to date me. The funny part, my dad looked at me and said “she’s of age and keep in mind, you take her there’s no refunds” … ok thanks Dad, I felt 100 years old.  Dennis replied, yes Sir but she lives with you and I want to respect your home. So, we start dating. By the way he still owes my father 10 goats or are we down 8.

Our first trip was to New York in February 2019. I remember us trying to cross a street and I was nervous. He looked at me, took my hand smiled and said, “trust me, always trust me”.  That trust has not ended nor has the traveling. Our next trip was to Branson followed by a cruise with stops to Cozumel, Belize and Costa Maya. In reading the book Eat, Pray, Love I fell in love with the idea of traveling to Belize (thanks Elizabeth Gilbert). When we docked in Belize, to our luck we could not get on the last boat to the main island. Dennis asked I take a walk while he “worked his charm”. OK. Next thing I hear is my name being called. We were on the last boat!

We rented a golf cart and rode around the island then realized we were running behind schedule. We hurried and stopped to take a quick picture because you know ALL the other beautiful places, we stopped at were not picturesque. With no one around except a local woman who we hoped would be able to take our picture, comes over and the next thing I feel is Dennis slowly getting on his knee and taking something out of his pocket. I vaguely remember him saying “I called my kids and your boys, and they all gave their approval.” My mind froze – last thought was, is this really happening? The lady taking our picture realized what was happening and she started screaming and crying (wait, was she the one being proposed to). I began to cry and then responded with “yes I will marry you”. My body couldn’t stop shaking. We make it back to the boat and I overhear a lady say “well?” Dennis replied, “she said yes”. All the passengers cheered for us. The same thing happened when we made it back to the dock. What had happened is Dennis showed the workers the ring and mentioned his plans. Now I know how we were “lucky” enough to catch the last ride to the mainland.

Since then, we have traveled so much more. From Los Angeles, to San Diego, to New Orleans, Mexico via train, plane and automobile.

What I appreciate of Dennis is his unconditional love, his faith for God, his patience and his commitment not only to our family of seven (plus a fur baby), but to all of my family and his country. He retired Lieutenant Colonel after 28.5 years in the Army.

Since meeting Dennis my life has not been the same. I gained a wonderful man (so, that’s what my cousin meant by “God’s sign”) and two wonderful adult children. My family is complete.

It has certainly been an adventure from the moment he took my hand and said “trust me” … I couldn’t be happier.

Well, that is Maria’s story and I am sticking to it. The one thing I will add is that “yes” her cousin Angie kept texting me and asking me if I was dating someone, not realizing she wanted me to meet Maria. Of course, I was dating someone at the time and I did not feel that I should be communicating with another woman. Well as fate has it, we did meet at first Friday and then again when I replaced her father’s roof and I also decided that maybe this was a sign from God. We have so much in common and I love her family and she loves mine, so I know it was meant to be. And I too couldn’t be happier to have her and her family in my life.

We are so gratefully excited to finally be able to host our Wedding Day at Inn at Quarry Ridge with the following:

Amazing Vendors:

• Inn At Quarry Ridge   • Uniquely Set   • Ashley & Co.   • Aggieland Printing   • Partytime Rentals

• Napa Flats   • Divine Cuisine   • Buppys   • Cocktails 4 U   • Fabulous Fare  • Top That Cake

• Post Oak Florist   • Willow Lane   • Unforgettable Floral   • San Angel Photo   • Patti Darby Photography

• Rachel Driskall Photography   • All Heart Photography   • Lifetime Selfies   • Coreena’s Bridal  • Al’s Formal Wear

• Chrome Salon • Downtown Event Services   • Sean Cowin’s Dueling Piano   • DJ Franco   • The Hilton

• Cruise Planners – Kelly Austin  • Messina Hof   • Aggieland Limousines   • Royalty Pecans

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