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Recent Inn at Quarry Ridge Couples 

Christina & Jim -September 26, 2015

Christina and Jim met each other in middle school, complete opposites. Jim was a goofy,outgoing complete class clown and Christina was a well-behaved, slightly reserved, teacher’s pet. Who would have thought that they would soon become best friends and start dating near the end of high school. Their love blossomed over their years together, but who they are in their hearts never changed. Jim is still a little goofy and Christina is still grounded and together they are both very laid-back. Jim proposed in January 2015 and Christina of course said yes. Simplicity is something they cherish about their relationship and they wanted that reflected on their wedding day. Seeing their photos you see their love and easy-going elegance that captured perfectly.


Jacob & Caitlyn-August 1, 2015

The first time I met Jacob I knew he was going to be someone special to me. The only thing I can chalk that up to is Divine intervention. We were friends for five months, dated for ten months, and were engaged for ten months before we got married. Within those twenty months of being together we experienced a lot of the difficulties this life has to offer. But one thing remained constant in our relationship: we loved God first, and then each other. We have considered this our recipe for success, because there’s no other way to explain how we have come out on the other side of difficulties a stronger and better couple. We had made it through so much together in such a short time that there was no mistaking that we were meant for each other. Our wedding day was full of excitement and joy for we knew at the end of the day we would be husband and wife. That day was almost four months ago, but it seems like yesterday. I’m so thankful for all the work that was put into making our wedding day beautiful, but I’m so much more thankful for the man I said “I do” to. He’s better than any man I could ever dream up, because he’s real. He’s my person, and I will go anywhere with him. We have realized that dating is difficult, engagement is tough, and marriage is hard. But we also realized it’s all 100% worth it!


Kyann & Colton- June 27, 2015

Colton and I met at a Christian Rap concert on a Friday night in March last year, and after 4 months of him trying to convince me, we went on our first date. Fast forward 8 months, and Colton was down on one knee asking me to be his bride. He was going to be a Senior at Texas A&M, and I a Junior. We didn’t want to wait 2 years for my graduation, so we decided on a 3 month engagement, and somehow threw together a beautiful wedding during our summer break on June 27, 2015. We (I) dreamed of a shabby chic wedding full of good food and a LOT of dancing. Every detail turned out perfect, better than I had imagined.

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Ashley & J.D.-June 6, 2015

I’m not sure how to put into words of how I felt on my wedding day but as I write this down I remember a sea of emotions I felt. As I woke up that morning and sat on the porch at the Inn at Quarry Ridge, after about a straight month of rain, I remember thanking God and thinking Oh’ what a perfect day with blue clear sky. As the day continued so did the emotions, a father’s love as my dad saw me for the first time in my dress and the river of love I felt from our family and friends as they helped to make that day perfect for us. Seeing JD for the first time and thinking of the unanswered prayers and paths that led me to him and thanking God for second chances. Praying he didn’t see me and start to run. I’ve got a funny feeling he thought the same about me. And as I put one foot in front of the other, I knew that our love, it just comes natural and I am blessed to have found a love without end, amen!

When we danced to our song “Give it all we got tonight” by George Straight, I remember thinking I saw God today, a great day made perfect by his work. The greatest moment is when I forgot about the perfect flowers, the perfect dress, cake, or decorations, because I had finally found my perfect partner in life. Nothing else seemed to matter because love is everything.

Now, I may have gotten a little carried away with the decorations and details but it was the best day of my life.  Some of our guests may have said our venue was in the middle of nowhere but if you haven’t experienced the Inn at Quarry Ridge you don’t know what your missing, not only will it take your breath away but the owners are absolutely amazing. They truly care about you and work with you to accommodate your wishes and help to make sure your day runs smoothly.  We couldn’t imagine having our wedding anywhere else.

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Carly & Preston-May 23, 2015

Like all brides, I had always dreamed of having a beautiful and flawless wedding day. Preston and I got married in May of 2015, which if you recall happened to be the wettest month for Texas on record. Now, anybody that knows me knows that I have an unnatural love for Texas thunderstorms. I think they are spectacular! All the same, I was the typical bride and wanted my day to go without any hiccups. That being the case all month I prayed that rain would not interfere with our outdoor wedding.

Also like most brides, I had always dreamed of my dad walking me down the aisle on my wedding day. Well, the health and circumstances of my dad’s life have left him in a wheelchair, and for months leading up to the wedding we were unsure if his health would allow him to be there. My dad has always been my biggest fan and one of my best friends, so the thought of not having him there with me was heart wrenching.

The wedding day came, and so did my dad, and so did the rain clouds. Just as I’d always dreamed, full of pride and love my dad took me down the aisle to the man of my dreams. As Preston and I were saying our vows you could hear the majestic roll of thunder in the background. The guests could see the black rain cloud making its way toward The Inn at Quarry Ridge. But in that moment, all I saw were the loving eyes of the man I would spend my forever with. My heart was full, and my past worries about the wedding were completely forgotten.

We were pronounced husband and wife and as we made our way across the bridge, the most romantic sprinkling of rain fell. As the last of our guests made it up to the house after the ceremony, the sky opened up over the Inn at Quarry Ridge in full Texas thunderstorm fashion.

Enveloped in my husband’s arms, I stood on the wrap around porch entirely enamored by one of the most stunning thunderstorms I have experienced. It was magical to watch the rain as it bounced off of the pond and fell in sheets all around us. I remember the photographers being surprised by how overjoyed I was in the midst of the circumstances. I guess they were expecting my mood to be dampened (no pun intended) by the rain, but really there was absolutely nothing that could have made my day any better! By the grace of God my dad was able to make it to my wedding, and amidst all of the humidity I married a man who far exceded my dreams in every way.

I would not trade in our rain filled wedding day for anything. That day reiterated that even though life’s realities may not always be what we envision, rain or shine each day is a beautiful gift when you are surrounded by loved ones. So, for any of you out there who are worried about the weather for your day, the food, the flowers etc. take it from a bride that has been down that aisle before and know that not even a trivial detail that goes un-according to plan will be enough to deflate the joy and happiness you feel that day!

I am so thankful to The Inn at Quarry Ridge for the opportunity to reminisce like this on the best day of my life, and more importantly for truly making Preston and myself feel like family as you helped orchestrate a day we will remember forever!


Glory & Mason-May 16, 2015

Mason and I love being outdoors. We often go on walks through parks and neighborhoods, and take hiking adventures. So it just makes sense that Jesus would bless us with beautiful weather on two major milestones in our relationship. When Mason asked me to marry him, we went to a state park and hiked for the better part of the afternoon. God painted the landscape so beautifully! Texas had a rare colorful fall and the trees were vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds. The sunset exploded pink and gold across big fluffy clouds. After the sun set, all the clouds dispersed giving us a magnificent view of the stars. The day was more perfect than we could have even asked for! 5 1/2 months later, Texas was experiencing torrential amounts of rain and flooding. College Station was drenched every day for the two weeks preceding our wedding. Of course, we were all nervous about the beautiful outdoor ceremony we were planning on and quickly put together manageable, though less ideal, backup plans. The day before our wedding, we rehearsed through drizzling rain. The weather forecast predicted thunderstorms most of the afternoon on Saturday, but not a drop fell at our venue! The entire day was partially cloudy with a refreshing breeze! There were so many people who helped to make our day very special, but God’s gift was the best!

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Kimberly & Eric-April 4,2015

Our story may be another ordinary “boy meets girl” tale, but our love for each other is anything but. Some believe love at first sight is just a myth, but for us, that’s exactly how it happened. From the very first time we met, there was a force that drew us together and from that moment on we never wanted to be apart. We had both been through some pretty rough times in our lives, and though the odds may have been against us, our love for each other prevailed. Just 6 short months after we met, Eric proposed, and I said yes! A little less than a year later, we were married and it truly was one of the happiest days of our lives! Our wedding was absolutely everything we dreamed it would be and more. Our hearts became whole again and he welcomed my daughter into his life with open arms. We have been through so much with each other in such a short amount of time and our love grows stronger every day. We are so blessed to have such an amazing family and as ours is expanding, so is our love. We will make it through anything as long as we have each other!

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Andy & Courtney-April 11,2015

Andy and I have a pretty simple love story and I love it that way. I grew up in College Station, TX while Andy grew up in Manchester, TN. We had no idea each other existed, but somehow managed to move to Nashville in the same month. We didn’t meet until a few months after we had both settled in to new jobs and friends. Unfortunately when we first met I had my eyes on another guy. That thankfully didn’t work out and the first year of us both exploring Nashville Andy and I became friends through church and mutual friends we had. We started hanging out with groups fairly often which was nice to be able to get to know each other without any pressure. I remember the first time I thought of Andy as more than a friend. My roommate and I had people over for Tacos and Andy was very helpful in cooking and cleaning and when he left I gave him a big hug. The reason this was odd to me is that I didn’t hug any one else when they left. From then on I got excited when I saw him and when I talked to him. I noticed the next month that Andy was stopping by our apartment more. I learned later that this was intentional on his part. He played ultimate frisbee on Monday nights and my roommate also went so they would often carpool to save money. Eventually Andy started coming in to hang out afterwards because he knew I’d be home from work then and it would just be him and I talking. We started texting and finding random outings to go on together and I would get excited every Monday in hopes that he’d stop by our apartment again. In October of 2013 we finally started dating and never looked back after that. We became best friends pretty quickly and I knew I didn’t want to live my life without him.


Jonathan & Diane March 7,2015

My pastor said I was the most relaxed bride he had ever seen. To be honest, I really have to give credit to the incredible team I had behind me that day: my mom, her sisters, my sister, my cousins, my bridesmaids and house party, and the list goes on.

My vendors were great – all trustworthy and diligent in their attention to getting everything just right. My mom’s sisters hosted a bridal brunch for me and all the ladies in the bridal party. We woke up late and wore our pajamas. We didn’t have to go far because brunch was at the Inn at Quarry Ridge, where we had all stayed the night before. My sister drove me to get my hair done, and when I got back, everything was already in place. It was like magic! Jonathan and I decided to do a first look, which gave us a moment of solitude that we really needed that day. We had backup plans in case of rain, but we didn’t need them. The weather was just a little brisk, but that was perfect, especially for Jonathan’s groomsmen, who were nearly all in uniform. When it got chillier in the evening, there were heaters posted throughout the yard for those who wanted to stay outside, but there were also a good number of tables inside, where it was also a little quieter. Our grand entrance involved a light saber arch, a tribute to both Jonathan’s Air Force upbringing and his love for Star Wars. His groom’s cake was even made to look like R2-D2’s head! We had a coffee bar in place of alcohol, which was a fantastic alternative for us since we consider ourselves coffee connoisseurs.

After our song, Jonathan and his mom danced to a very sweet song, sentimental to both of them: “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. My dad taught me to love swing dancing when I was very young, so it seemed appropriate to show that off for our father-daughter dance. We did the jitterbug to “Roll Over Beethoven” by the Electric Light Orchestra, which I will admit was not easy with a bustled train, but we managed to do it without tripping!

After the cake-cutting and the toasts, I did my best to welcome and thank as many of my guests as possible, and then I hit the dance floor. I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop dancing until they turned off the music. At the end of the night the guests saw us off with sparklers. It was the most magical, beautiful, and heart-warming day of our lives.


Matt & Sunni-January 10,2015

After dating a few weeks, both Matt and Sunni knew that they had found the one who God had chosen for them. Matt went about finding out what kind of ring Sunni would like. He also made a trip to Brenham to have lunch with Gary (Sunni’s dad) in order to discuss his intention to ask Sunni to marry him. Following that lunch, Matt started making plans for when and where to ask Sunni to be his wife. Ideas ranged from a large flash mob to a private dinner. He picked a location: downtown Bryan. He picked a significant spot that he knew wasn’t going anywhere: the historical Queen Theatre. And he set the date: Friday, September 5th, 2014. He started subtly prepping Sunni for that day by making the offhanded comment that he thought the two of them needed more pictures together. With Sunni agreeing to that, Matt rented the marquis of the Queen Theatre and told Sunni that the two of them would be taking some couples photos on September 5th. The ring was soon ordered with a swiftly approaching delivery deadline. When that fateful day arrived, Matt and Sunni met Catha (Matt’s sister) for lunch at Must Be Heaven since Matt had asked her to take the “couples pictures.” He also mentioned that another friend of theirs would be joining after lunch since she had a bit of photography experience. Unbeknownst to Sunni, this additional friend was a professional photographer and long-time friend of the Winkler family. As they snuck to the truck to grab a prop for this photo shoot, Matt read Sunni a letter he had written to her, expressing his love for her and excitement for their future together. The two then joined their photographers outside, where the photo shoot began with the couple walking down the sidewalk of N. Main Street (just in front of the Queen Theatre!). It wasn’t until the photographer had Matt and Sunni stand on the median just in front of the theatre that Matt told Sunni to look over her left shoulder. That’s when Sunni saw the words that forever changed her life. The marquis of the Queen Theatre bore three statements: on the left, “You are the sunshine of my life;” on the right, “Come what may, I will love you until my dying day;” and in the center, “Sunni, will you marry me?” Sunni turned back to find that Matt had dropped to one knee and was holding something very shiny in his hand with his arms outstretched to her. He uttered two simple words: “Marry me?” She answered without hesitation, “Yes! Of course!” It was a day Matt and Sunni will always remember – and they have the amazing photos to remind them of it!


Melissa & Cody-December 21,2014

I first saw Cody in our kinesiology lab in the fall of 2013. I thought he was so attractive, but we never really had a chance to interact. Finally, at the end of our semester, we got grouped together for a blood pressure lab. I quickly volunteered to be the one to take his blood pressure (because I needed practice, of course), and proceeded to rant about random things, including my lobster Halloween costume. I left class thinking nothing of it, and sure enough, Cody asked me to get coffee two days later. I was SO nervous, but we did go to coffee on November 16, 2013, and every day from that day forward has been an incredible adventure. By January, we knew without a flicker of a doubt that we wanted to be with each other forever. Cody took every single day to make me laugh, make me feel treasured, honored, and beautiful. He has romanced me through countless letters, notes, and beautiful text messages. He has shown me how special I am to him by the way he treasures and pursues time together. He has honored me by showing me unparalleled respect, sacrifice and chivalry. He has demonstrated incredible character in the way he always keeps his word, always turns my eyes to Jesus, and consistently leads our relationship. I have never been filled with so much joy before. I have never laughed so hard with someone that my face muscles cramp (and my sister is pretty hilarious). I have never felt closer to the Lord. I’ve never known what true love was before, but now I do. Cody Michael Dukquits fits every obscure angle of my personality, and reflects every romantic desire in my heart. I have never been so sure and confident about something in my whole life. I thank the Lord every day for giving me such a sweet gift, and showing me how incredible love is.

I have never believed in soul mates before now. I truly believe that God creates deep romantic desires in the hearts of young girls, and then fulfills them when the time is right. For me, God first had to show me that true love and beauty flows from Him. I cannot rely on a human being to sustain me, I can only rely on Jeuss. Only then could I recognize Cody as an exquisite reflection of the love of Jesus. Only then could I fully accept and appreciate this magnitude of pure love from a man.

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” (John 12:34)

Thank you Lord, that this is only the beginning of an incredibly beautiful life.


Chloe & Bubba-August 30, 2014

When I walked in to Brazos Valley MMA & Fitness four years ago, I was looking to get in shape and learn self-defense. I certainly wasn’t expecting to meet the love of my life, Bubba Bush.  Thankfully, God had other plans!  Plans that included a witty, intelligent, God-fearing, pro MMA fighter of a man – what more could a girl ask for?  We noticed each other immediately, however, it wasn’t until Bubba invited me to a Bible study he leads that we really got to know one another.  Bible study allowed us to connect on the deepest levels, like the supremacy of Jesus Christ in our lives and the eternal salvation He provides through his substitutionary death for our sins.

Marriage is an eternal commitment and an earthly example of Christ’s unending love for us.  Therefore, we took time to get to know each other, faults and all, before getting married.  Because of this, we had our eyes wide open and knew life would not be perfect, which meant our commitment to each other would be based in reality.  After three years of dating, Bubba and I planned a trip to one of my bucket-list destinations: Savannah, Georgia.  Unbeknownst to me, Bubba coordinated with Crazy Dash Digital Adventures to plan a scavenger hunt through historic Savannah.  The scavenger hunt instructed us to go to Chippewa Park (I’m part Chippewa), located, serendipitously, on Turner Boulevard (my maiden name) to take a picture of a praying Indian and a crying Indian.  After we walked the park looking for a statue of an Indian (which, of course, wasn’t there), Bubba asked me to pray with him.  As he prayed, he thank God for bringing me into his life and finished by asking, “Please let her say ‘yes’” as he knelt down on one knee.  Underneath centuries-old, Spanish moss covered trees, Bubba proposed to me with his grandmother’s gorgeous heirloom ring…and a pink .380 pistol.  Like I said: what more could a girl ask for?!

Once engaged, we were ready to start our lives together and planned a short engagement.  We knew we wanted our wedding to be fun, personal, glorify God, and include all of the people who have prepared us for marriage.  Between Bubba owning BVMMA & Fitness, me working at Peace 107, and all of our family, we knew we were planning a large wedding. We chose the Inn at Quarry Ridge because it could accommodate our crowd in a beautiful, woodsy setting, as well as host the rehearsal dinner, and sleep our 18 attendants the night before the wedding.  We put our personal touches on the wedding with a medley of cultures: Bubba and his attendants wore kilts while Shiraz Shish Kebab catered a delicious Mediterranean cuisine.  When it was all said and done, we were thrilled to start our lives serving God, and each other, as husband and wife – in Cabo!


Noel & Renee-August 2,2014

Noel and Renee met in 2011 when Noel came to lead the home group of which Renee was a part. That night, Renee simply had to meet the handsome redhead sitting in a tree hanging rope lights. Despite the dress she was wearing, up the branches of a neighboring tree she went to introduce herself! Over the next 2 years they built a friendship, and Noel shared the love of Jesus with Renee in the darkest time of her life. Noel always encouraged and challenged Renee, and he got to be the carrier of grace that helped transform her into a woman of God.

In the fall of 2012, Renee began to feel a new kind of love for Noel. Genuine friendship had grown into a desire for intimacy and companionship. After many late winter nights by a fire in the same backyard where they had met, Renee began to see that Noel felt the same love for her. In the spring of 2013, after much prayer and talking with their friends, Noel asked Renee’s permission to openly pursue romance and life long commitment with her.

After 10 months of courting her, Noel had fallen hopelessly in love with the girl he met in a tree. Smitten by her passion for life, sense of adventure, loyalty, and love of all living things, Noel decided to ask Renee to marry him. With the help of all of their friends, he returned early from a business trip to surprise her with a proposal. In a meadow overlooking Lake Somerville, he asked her to paint the future with him, and she said YES!


Josh & Joanne-July 5, 2014

Josh, a lowly analyst for Wilmar International Limited, and Joanne, a young and beautiful Singapore Airlines Stewardess, furiously pursued their careers while in Singapore, and neither dreamed of courtship, let alone the finding of true love. But as is often the case, our ways are not His ways, and soon the paths of two complete strangers crossed. Josh and Joanne first met at a dinner with mutual friends. Josh did not give Joanne any notice. His philosophy was to never pay the beautiful girls any attention because they received copious amounts of it from the other men anyway. She would just be another pretty face that would soon pass. As time progressed, Josh realized what he was missing by not pursuing Joanne. He mustered up the courage and invited Joanne to East Coast Park to rollerblade and ride tandem bikes together. As they rode, they spoke, and as they spoke, they realized the desire for something beyond friendship. Fast forward. While still immersed in their careers, Josh realized how he may had found the woman he would want to spend his life with, and through much thought, deliberation, and prayer, decided that she was in fact, the woman he would marry. He found her next flight destination in Auckland, New Zealand, and decided to surprise her there and ask her to be his wife. Employing the help of his Kiwi family, they set out to write the big question on the side of an old, inactive volcano, atop One Tree Hill, in Auckland, New Zealand. Upon her arrival, Josh taxied her away to the site, set down on one knee, and asked Joanne for her hand in marriage. And as they say in fairy tales, “the rest is history”.

As the wedding planning began, Josh and Joanne knew that they wanted something that would bring their friends and family from all over the world together to celebrate. Joanne and Josh chose the Inn at Quarry Ridge for their wedding weekend but the actual festivities lasted over a week. Some of their friends and family came that had never been to the United States and with a 4th of July week they were immersed in American culture. Being surrounded by the people you love, even when you don’t get see them all the time, really made their wedding special.


Liz & Jack-June 14, 2014

I met Jack nearly five years ago in my biology class at Texas A&M. I was just starting my freshman year and he was in his 2nd year. After a few weeks of stealing glances at each other, we started casually chatting after class.  Soon after we starting talking, he asked if he could walk me to my car since we had gotten out of class late that night.  I knew almost immediately that he was my soulmate. The thought that kept flashing in my mind was, “Oh my gosh, he actually exists!”  A few more weeks went by before he finally asked me out on a date.  He was still pretty shy and had to hide his face behind a newspaper to ask me.  It was adorable.

Over the years we got to know each other so well, and in December of 2013, Jack casually brought up the thought of marriage. I gave a big smile and of course loved the idea. Then, on New Year’s Eve, he looked me in the eyes and asked me to marry him. I immediately replied “Yes” and the whirlwind of wedding planning commenced.

Our wedding weekend was a family celebration and we loved every minute of it. There were a couple of wedding hiccups, but overall, most things went off without a hitch. I loved being able to stay the venue the night before the ceremony with all my bridesmaids.  The morning before the ceremony my bridesmaids and I were able to just sit back and relax while the venue staff took care of everything.  Most importantly, I was able to spend time and celebrate the day with my friends and family.


Sky & Victor- May 17,2014

A charming couple brought together by their shared passion for the game of Kings…

Victor and I met five years ago on the Aggie polo field while I was a freshman at A&M. From the very start we have had an unspoken connection and a deep friendship. As our love grew, we kept seeing that we share many of the same interests and values. We are both very passionate about horses, polo & most importantly, our families. Family is very important to us and we wanted to share our wedding day with all our nearest and dearest. I searched for a venue that could accommodate us all and felt that the Inn at Quarry Ridge was perfect for us. We had the most amazing wedding day and as you can see from the pictures (Jen Brazeal Photography) we had a wonderful time celebrating and dancing the night away (Texas Entertainment).

Every detail was thought through by my wedding planning team Heidi Heinrich and Laura Heinrich (aka my mom and step-mom:). There were of course some typical wedding day stresses, but I just thought of what my Grandpa Mark told me, “there could be hundreds of minor details that don’t turn out perfect but the best part is no one but y’all will notice them so don’t let it get to you and enjoy your special day together” He was exactly right and we had an amazing day. I loved my wedding experience from start to finish. I cherish the memories made and look forward to my future with Victor.

We cannot wait for a great future filled with many accomplished goals and endless chukkars!

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