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Matt & Sunni-January 10,2015

January 11, 2015
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After dating a few weeks, both Matt and Sunni knew that they had found the one who God had chosen for them. Matt went about finding out what kind of ring Sunni would like. He also made a trip to Brenham to have lunch with Gary (Sunni’s dad) in order to discuss his intention to ask Sunni to marry him. Following that lunch, Matt started making plans for when and where to ask Sunni to be his wife. Ideas ranged from a large flash mob to a private dinner. He picked a location: downtown Bryan. He picked a significant spot that he knew wasn’t going anywhere: the historical Queen Theatre. And he set the date: Friday, September 5th, 2014. He started subtly prepping Sunni for that day by making the offhanded comment that he thought the two of them needed more pictures together. With Sunni agreeing to that, Matt rented the marquis of the Queen Theatre and told Sunni that the two of them would be taking some couples photos on September 5th. The ring was soon ordered with a swiftly approaching delivery deadline. When that fateful day arrived, Matt and Sunni met Catha (Matt’s sister) for lunch at Must Be Heaven since Matt had asked her to take the “couples pictures.” He also mentioned that another friend of theirs would be joining after lunch since she had a bit of photography experience. Unbeknownst to Sunni, this additional friend was a professional photographer and long-time friend of the Winkler family. As they snuck to the truck to grab a prop for this photo shoot, Matt read Sunni a letter he had written to her, expressing his love for her and excitement for their future together. The two then joined their photographers outside, where the photo shoot began with the couple walking down the sidewalk of N. Main Street (just in front of the Queen Theatre!). It wasn’t until the photographer had Matt and Sunni stand on the median just in front of the theatre that Matt told Sunni to look over her left shoulder. That’s when Sunni saw the words that forever changed her life. The marquis of the Queen Theatre bore three statements: on the left, “You are the sunshine of my life;” on the right, “Come what may, I will love you until my dying day;” and in the center, “Sunni, will you marry me?” Sunni turned back to find that Matt had dropped to one knee and was holding something very shiny in his hand with his arms outstretched to her. He uttered two simple words: “Marry me?” She answered without hesitation, “Yes! Of course!” It was a day Matt and Sunni will always remember – and they have the amazing photos to remind them of it!


Let's get social!

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