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Carly & Preston-May 23, 2015

May 25, 2015
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Like all brides, I had always dreamed of having a beautiful and flawless wedding day. Preston and I got married in May of 2015, which if you recall happened to be the wettest month for Texas on record. Now, anybody that knows me knows that I have an unnatural love for Texas thunderstorms. I think they are spectacular! All the same, I was the typical bride and wanted my day to go without any hiccups. That being the case all month I prayed that rain would not interfere with our outdoor wedding.

Also like most brides, I had always dreamed of my dad walking me down the aisle on my wedding day. Well, the health and circumstances of my dad’s life have left him in a wheelchair, and for months leading up to the wedding we were unsure if his health would allow him to be there. My dad has always been my biggest fan and one of my best friends, so the thought of not having him there with me was heart wrenching.

The wedding day came, and so did my dad, and so did the rain clouds. Just as I’d always dreamed, full of pride and love my dad took me down the aisle to the man of my dreams. As Preston and I were saying our vows you could hear the majestic roll of thunder in the background. The guests could see the black rain cloud making its way toward The Inn at Quarry Ridge. But in that moment, all I saw were the loving eyes of the man I would spend my forever with. My heart was full, and my past worries about the wedding were completely forgotten.

We were pronounced husband and wife and as we made our way across the bridge, the most romantic sprinkling of rain fell. As the last of our guests made it up to the house after the ceremony, the sky opened up over the Inn at Quarry Ridge in full Texas thunderstorm fashion.

Enveloped in my husband’s arms, I stood on the wrap around porch entirely enamored by one of the most stunning thunderstorms I have experienced. It was magical to watch the rain as it bounced off of the pond and fell in sheets all around us. I remember the photographers being surprised by how overjoyed I was in the midst of the circumstances. I guess they were expecting my mood to be dampened (no pun intended) by the rain, but really there was absolutely nothing that could have made my day any better! By the grace of God my dad was able to make it to my wedding, and amidst all of the humidity I married a man who far exceded my dreams in every way.

I would not trade in our rain filled wedding day for anything. That day reiterated that even though life’s realities may not always be what we envision, rain or shine each day is a beautiful gift when you are surrounded by loved ones. So, for any of you out there who are worried about the weather for your day, the food, the flowers etc. take it from a bride that has been down that aisle before and know that not even a trivial detail that goes un-according to plan will be enough to deflate the joy and happiness you feel that day!

I am so thankful to The Inn at Quarry Ridge for the opportunity to reminisce like this on the best day of my life, and more importantly for truly making Preston and myself feel like family as you helped orchestrate a day we will remember forever!


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