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Andy & Courtney-April 11,2015

April 12, 2015
Let's get social!

Andy and I have a pretty simple love story and I love it that way. I grew up in College Station, TX while Andy grew up in Manchester, TN. We had no idea each other existed, but somehow managed to move to Nashville in the same month. We didn’t meet until a few months after we had both settled in to new jobs and friends. Unfortunately when we first met I had my eyes on another guy. That thankfully didn’t work out and the first year of us both exploring Nashville Andy and I became friends through church and mutual friends we had. We started hanging out with groups fairly often which was nice to be able to get to know each other without any pressure. I remember the first time I thought of Andy as more than a friend. My roommate and I had people over for Tacos and Andy was very helpful in cooking and cleaning and when he left I gave him a big hug. The reason this was odd to me is that I didn’t hug any one else when they left. From then on I got excited when I saw him and when I talked to him. I noticed the next month that Andy was stopping by our apartment more. I learned later that this was intentional on his part. He played ultimate frisbee on Monday nights and my roommate also went so they would often carpool to save money. Eventually Andy started coming in to hang out afterwards because he knew I’d be home from work then and it would just be him and I talking. We started texting and finding random outings to go on together and I would get excited every Monday in hopes that he’d stop by our apartment again. In October of 2013 we finally started dating and never looked back after that. We became best friends pretty quickly and I knew I didn’t want to live my life without him.


Let's get social!

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